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Racial Injustice Training In Healthcare & Education

As a healthcare professional committed to equity and inclusion, I entrusted Mokita for two years to provide racial injustice training to hundreds of midwives and doctors in the Southeast spanning over 17 different NHS Trusts. The sessions were transformative, with engaging delivery and impactful content. I also commissioned Mokita to train academics and develop online resources, all yielding exceptional results and feedback.
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What our client's said about this project:

As a dedicated healthcare professional and advocate for equity, I have had the privilege of partnering with Mokita over the past two years to address racial injustice in healthcare and education. Our journey began with 100 midwives, and the success of our initial collaboration led us to extend the training across all sites covering all areas of maternity services from midwifery to consultant level. I initially engaged Mokita to deliver racial injustice training to over 100 midwives in the South East. The impact of these sessions was profound, as participants were empowered to confront systemic issues and advocate for change within their practice. The engaging delivery and impactful content resonated with attendees, sparking meaningful dialogue and self-reflection. One participant aptly described the training as "absolutely excellent" and advocated for its integration into mandatory training programs. Mokita's approach fostered an environment of openness and learning, allowing participants to delve into challenging topics and gain a deeper understanding of racial injustice in healthcare. Recognising the need for broader systemic change, I commissioned Mokita to extend their training to academia. Over 80 academics across nine universities benefited from Mokita's expertise in addressing racial injustice in midwifery education. The sessions were highly successful, with attendees commending the comprehensive content and interactive delivery. In addition to training sessions, I collaborated with Mokita to develop an online resource aimed at educating academics on teaching about race and racism in the classroom. We are excited to pilot this comprehensive resource covers topics such as student advocacy, the history of women's pain, and creating safe spaces for students. It was a pleasure to work with Mokita on this initiative, and I am proud of the impact it has had on promoting inclusivity in education. Mokita's dedication to excellence is commendable, evident in their meticulous evaluation metrics and commitment to driving tangible change. I appreciate their thorough approach, which provided valuable insights for reporting to NHS England and demonstrating the impact of their work. My partnership with Mokita has been marked by shared values of equity, inclusion, and social justice. Together, we are driving meaningful progress towards a more equitable and just society, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.

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