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What We Offer

Our mission is to help UK businesses and organisations unlock the power that comes from having a racially literate and universally inclusive workforce. We’ll help your organisation become stronger than ever, by equipping people at every level with anti-racist insights and skills, and the ability to share them and grow a community of advocates.
Hands with a brown skin tone using a laptop in the foreground with a different pair of hands with a white skin tone in the background writing on a notepad

Seeing through the anti-racist lens

The UK is a multicultural society, with a complex and at times racist history. Every day lots of us engage in social interactions shaped by ingrained beliefs and behaviours that are racist - even if we don’t know it. The social barriers created as a result of this can be traumatic to individuals and hold our workforce – and society – back.

While every organisation is different, only an organisation that is committed to anti-racism will learn how to recognise it and change it. Examining ourselves through an anti-racist lens takes courage and honesty. We don’t know what we will find, or how we will feel. But avoiding this challenge simply buries these problems deeper.  

Mokita offers an evidence-based, trauma-informed education that allows team members to understand the history of exclusion, and the systemic racism that runs through our most diverse workplaces today.   

By guiding accessible, open, accountable conversations, and embracing the different personal experiences of racism that individuals have had, we help teams feel ready to claim their ‘piece of power’.

Play an active role in detoxifying your work environment, dismantling racist structures, and rebuilding trust to create even stronger working relationships within your team.


Anti-racism Training

Our range of anti-racism training courses all provide a safe space for participants to share and learn. By engaging diverse voices and perspectives, encouraging active participation and discussion, and role-modelling through our own relationships, we can help guide a more productive conversation and create deeper change.

Various hands being placed one on top of each other in union. Different skin tones and coloured jumpers.


Our one-to-one and small teams coaching draws on the same insights and skill-building as our training, but takes individuals on a longer and more detailed journey. Ideal for giving strategic thinkers and leaders greater racial literacy and understanding, you’ll have the confidence to create and embed inclusion frameworks, networks and curricula that are centred around the people they need to support.

Alisha Airey - Co-founder of Mokita

Consultancy & Strategy

Our consultation supports you at every stage in your journey, whether you’re developing an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy from scratch, measuring and assessing your existing culture, or considering a bespoke project. We'll work alongside you, giving step by step guidance and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

Both Co-founders, Alisha and Elli working on a project in an informal kitchen setting.

Does this sound like what you need?

We’re ready to discuss any challenges or goals around institutional and organisational racism that you are facing. From safely but squarely addressing the elephant in the room to teaching your colleagues to deliver training themselves, we can help you unlock closer relationships, greater wellbeing and the higher levels of performance you’ve been missing out on.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you. 


What our clients say about our work

From universities to private business and large organisations such as NHS Trusts, we’ve worked with and in some of the most challenging racially diverse environments imaginable, alongside everyone from junior recruits to HR managers and CEOs. Here’s what our past clients say about the impact we’ve had.

Bespoke training programme for maternity staff across South East England

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Mokita delivered insightful Anti-racist Training to our Senior Leadership and core team members at the College of Paramedics. Their approachable and engaging facilitators, Elli and Alisha, received rave reviews from participants, who found the training to be highly impactful and superior to previous diversity training. We highly recommend Mokita's training for healthcare professionals.

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As a healthcare professional committed to equity and inclusion, I entrusted Mokita for two years to provide racial injustice training to hundreds of midwives and doctors in the Southeast spanning over 17 different NHS Trusts. The sessions were transformative, with engaging delivery and impactful content. I also commissioned Mokita to train academics and develop online resources, all yielding exceptional results and feedback.

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