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Consultancy & Strategy

Whether you want to refresh an existing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy or create a new one from scratch, we can provide consultation that helps guide your thinking, involve key stakeholders, and develop the necessary skills and documents that your organisation needs.  
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The Problem

Welcoming more people into your work or study space inevitably leads to greater diversity, which can create social friction and challenges you may not have experience dealing with.

In higher education and health care settings especially, leaders and HR teams can find themselves dealing with complex dynamics, specific historic traumas, and other personnel problems without an effective equity strategy. A lot of strategies are in fact more like mission statements, and so don’t provide the clear goals, accountability and suitable evaluation an operational strategy should.

For individuals who experience racism, simply recalling and acknowledging traumatic experiences is not just insufficient, it is harmful practice. It is essential that they are given the space to work through what has happened, and see a resolution that safeguards them and others in the future – and that organisations recognise and learn from the collective experience of racism. A lack of knowledge, funds and engagement with Equity, Diversity and Inclusion means these best practice approaches are not being realised enough. 

The Solution

Our consultation services can help you fill those gaps, and give everyone the protection they need to function as a closer, more effective, and more grounded team.

Drawing on our own personal diverse relationships and professional expertise we can help you find a way forward that brings individuals together, sharing lived experiences, discussing trauma, and emerging stronger. 

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Absolutely amazing, by far the most impactful training I've had during my career. I am really questioning myself and my care going forward. Thank you for offering this.
Frimley Park Hospital, 2022

Our Approach

Our unique trauma-informed Equity, Diversity and Inclusion consultation process directly engages with individuals who have been impacted by racism or exclusion in your organisation. By helping them process and share their experiences – with a therapist present if required – we will use those insights to help you write and assess your strategies and move forward.

Investing in bespoke Equity, Diversity and Inclusion consultation is the best way to create an inclusive and equitable environment within your organisation. Because every organisation is unique, our tailored approach to our consultation makes sure your specific needs are being met.

Alisha founder of Mokita, using her laptop whilst writing on a piece of paper.

The specific areas we cover

Our team can offer consultation services across a range of areas:

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
We can help you develop a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy that aligns with your values, mission, and business objectives.
Policy Review
We can conduct a review of your existing policies and procedures to identify potential gaps and opportunities, and improve equity and diversity within your organisation.
Workplace Culture
We can provide guidance on growing a workplace culture that is fully inclusive and equitable.
Recruitment and Retention
We can help make sure your recruitment and retention strategies are fully inclusive from the word go.
Data Analysis
We can analyse internal data to help you identify potential disparities in employee outcomes.
Bespoke Projects
We can advise and consult on bespoke project work that sits outside of an organisational remit.
Ongoing evaluation
(Coming soon)
We are in the process of establishing a formal Equity, Diversity and Inclusion evaluation process to let you measure and appraise and fine tune your current approach.  

Does this sound like what you need?

We’re ready to discuss any challenges or goals around institutional and organisational racism that you are facing. From safely but squarely addressing the elephant in the room to teaching your colleagues to deliver training themselves, we can help you unlock closer relationships, greater wellbeing and the higher levels of performance you’ve been missing out on.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you. 


What our clients say about our work

From universities to private business and large organisations such as NHS Trusts, we’ve worked with and in some of the most challenging racially diverse environments imaginable, alongside everyone from junior recruits to HR managers and CEOs. Here’s what our past clients say about the impact we’ve had.

As a healthcare professional committed to equity and inclusion, I entrusted Mokita for two years to provide racial injustice training to hundreds of midwives and doctors in the Southeast spanning over 17 different NHS Trusts. The sessions were transformative, with engaging delivery and impactful content. I also commissioned Mokita to train academics and develop online resources, all yielding exceptional results and feedback.

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Mokita delivered insightful Anti-racist Training to our Senior Leadership and core team members at the College of Paramedics. Their approachable and engaging facilitators, Elli and Alisha, received rave reviews from participants, who found the training to be highly impactful and superior to previous diversity training. We highly recommend Mokita's training for healthcare professionals.

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Bespoke training programme for maternity staff across South East England

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