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With our coaching you can take key people on a longer and more nuanced anti-racism journey, cultivating deeper skills and equipping them with the confidence and strategic top-level insights needed to lead on anti-racist approaches. 
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The Problem

A lack of racial literacy across our society is deepening entrenched racist structures and attitudes in educational, work and social settings. Many organisations struggle to take a confident and effective stance in correcting institutional racism without effective guidance and insight from outside. 

This is especially true for leaders. The more influence a person has, the more harm their own actions can cause. But the opposite is also true – the better equipped and educated a leader is, the more positive change they can ignite.

The Solution

Organisations and leaders need to be properly educated and skilled in anti-racism in all its forms, so they can unpack racism and confidently lead anti-racist organisations. Everybody has a responsibility to tackle racism, but that responsibility always carries more weight the higher up you go.

Investing in a coaching model to support your evolution can help you engage more effectively with internal and external groups, attract and retain international talent more effectively, and improve service delivery – whilst always keeping your people protected and nurtured.

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It was really good, lots of good content and plenty to think about plus I had some revelations which will help me in my work.
Kent, Surrey and Sussex School of Public Health, 2023

Our Approach

Mokita’s anti-racism coaching gives individuals a more robust and expansive journey than is possible in a single workshop. Once we understand your specific organisational challenges, we can help you develop frameworks, networks and advocacy programmes that address those problems without thinking in terms of ‘deficit’, and ensure you have a sustainable pathway for moving forward.

We can provide hands-on guidance in developing sustainable:

- Anti-racism frameworks
- Effective staff networks
- Inclusive curriculum
- Developing an advocacy programme
- Equity strategy groups

Does this sound like what you need?

We’re ready to discuss any challenges or goals around institutional and organisational racism that you are facing. From safely but squarely addressing the elephant in the room to teaching your colleagues to deliver training themselves, we can help you unlock closer relationships, greater wellbeing and the higher levels of performance you’ve been missing out on.

Get in touch to find out how we can support you. 


What our clients say about our work

From universities to private business and large organisations such as NHS Trusts, we’ve worked with and in some of the most challenging racially diverse environments imaginable, alongside everyone from junior recruits to HR managers and CEOs. Here’s what our past clients say about the impact we’ve had.

Bespoke training programme for maternity staff across South East England

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Mokita delivered insightful Anti-racist Training to our Senior Leadership and core team members at the College of Paramedics. Their approachable and engaging facilitators, Elli and Alisha, received rave reviews from participants, who found the training to be highly impactful and superior to previous diversity training. We highly recommend Mokita's training for healthcare professionals.

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As a healthcare professional committed to equity and inclusion, I entrusted Mokita for two years to provide racial injustice training to hundreds of midwives and doctors in the Southeast spanning over 17 different NHS Trusts. The sessions were transformative, with engaging delivery and impactful content. I also commissioned Mokita to train academics and develop online resources, all yielding exceptional results and feedback.

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